Updates and more

So I am going old school Nostalgia right now. I have fired up Mac OS 9 (the predecessor to Mac OS X/OS X/macOS) from the 90’s and launched Quicken 2000 to record my spending. Since I have yet to learn how to properly budget I am following Ramit Sethi advice to track my spending.

More recent I:

  • Am doing my best to learn Quick Books 2004 to manage my business books which I acquired through a family member. Eventually when I feel I have the extra $200-$300 I’ll get the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Have several unfinished drafts which I will eventually revise and release, specifically a post to help you learn from my mistake titled “How to (not) move your WordPress website to a new host.”
  • Am preparing to (finally) learn iOS development, it is something I have been wanting to learn since the college semester I was learning Computer Internet and Intranet Security. It was a goal of mine to learn it (or rather Objective-C at that time) in one semester which was over presumptuous and a non-realistic goal considering not only my learning challenges in addition to all the burdens and responsibilities I had on my shoulders at that time. I want to launch an app from one of several ideas I had.
  • Am planning to resume learning more about WordPress starting with refreshing/updating my knowledge of websites from HTML, CSS, Javascript, to PHP, MySQL and eventually more.
  • Am contemplating my career choices as well as my self-employment business choices. I love computers or rather Macs since Macs were my original passion by happenstance as far back as 1995. Considering that I don’t eat/live/breath/sleep code, computers, and technology, it’s implied that others will always outpace me. Good for those who subscribe the the “eat, sleep, code, repeat” mantra, that’s not me, I choose to have a life outside of work, or rather leave work at work.
  • Have started a Google Certification program. I consider myself more of a business man (I listen to more business podcasts, programs, and self-development than anything tech related) and I am learning G-Suite as well as how to “Manage a Project with Digital Tools.”