So I screwed up

Hey everybody, I’m back….


The website’s been offline for half a month because I screwed up. Long story short while intending to move my website from A Small Orange (ASO) to SiteGround (SG) before¬†my ASO account expired never got to it because of various obligations I agreed to which used up a lot of my time and energy. In other words “life got in the way.” To further complicate things while I did make a backup it was the wrong type of backup.

I used the cpanel backup feature but never thought about checking for a WordPress backup feature so while I do have a cpanel backup archive of everything in public HTML and more, I haven’t quite figured out how to properly move all that data to SG. You see I used SG cpanel restore feature (I think it’s called that) but the names of my databases moved from ASO get changed with a SG prefix, so there goes my “perfect” move.

What’s next:

As I said I’ve got the cpanel¬†archive on my computer so sooner or later I’m going to continue experimenting with the data in the archive using MAMP to create a mini-web-server on my computer or in a virtual machine. Once I figure that out (with the help of the world wide web via google search) I’ll import those old entries into here. In the meantime, I am starting out fresh, new website, new knowledge (courtesy of the “WordPress North Jersey” Meetup Group), and I’m going to revisit some old ideas with a new mindset. Until then check out this video: