If you don’t know something can it hurt you?

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is the old saying and while that could be true in many situations, it doesn’t apply to all. When trying to improve something, what you don’t know can actually hurt you. Take for example my career search, as part of all the jobs I’ve applied to I sent different variations on the same basic resume format (design), a format that I tweaked and updated throughout my career history. Then imagine my surprise when someone informed me recently of a resume design change that happened in 2011, I was still using the old design.

I should not have been too surprised. If you take in to consideration how much computing technology changes every year (new iPhones, new software, to name a few) it really shouldn’t be a surprise that acceptable resume design changes as well. Therefore if you are like me and are using a variation of an older format like the one below, then consider starting a new resume from scratch. You can easily find examples of the new resumes by using Google. Either google “sample resume for IT” (supplement your specific current job destination such as “computer science,” “software engineer,” “website developer,” “network administrator” for “IT”) and click on the image tab to preview resumes.


What career related thing have you discovered that you didn’t know?