Backing Up

Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are Meat Loaf and Jim Steinmen Happy World Backup Day everyone!  Do yourself a favor and make sure your data is backed up. Just because it is “on the cloud” does not mean it is backed up. Your files, contacts, photos, and videos sync… Continue reading Backing Up

Updates and more

So I am going old school Nostalgia right now. I have fired up Mac OS 9 (the predecessor to Mac OS X/OS X/macOS) from the 90’s and launched Quicken 2000 to record my spending. Since I have yet to learn how to properly budget I am following Ramit Sethi advice to track my spending. More… Continue reading Updates and more

Backups (quick note)

It’s always good to have backups because you never know when something is going to fail. This can be said of data as well as hardware. Working on an important document, save it first to your folder then save a copy to an external flash however while you update the file make sure you’re… Continue reading Backups (quick note)