A pivot

“A pivot is where a start-up company decides to switch direction in how they make their revenue. This is often after their first plan results in failure. Pivot as relates to entrepreneurship.” – Urban Dictionary

There is an old motivational saying which — I have as wallpaper on an old iPod Touch 4G — “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.” There is nothing inherently wrong with that phrase and at what point  we stop “try, try, trying again?” At what point do we accept defeat and retreat? 

Those are questions I am wrestling with and I believe at some point continuing to “try, try, and try again” can drive you insane. Defeat and “failure” takes a toll on a person, especially repeated defeat and “failure.” Einstein once (allegedly) said “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” If you continuing to strive, to achieve, to accomplish, or be something and yet you’re always falling short, at what point do you give up? You give up before the failure consumes you. 

I recently read a post on Reddit titled “Failure is always an option.” In it user “areseeuu” tells the story of his former boss who was trying to fix a major problem at work and recovered data being held at ransom by hackers. “areseeuu” thought his former boss had everything under control and was unaware of his former boss kept trying and kept failing until the boss took his own life. “areseeuu” ends the post off with saying to admit and accept failure is always an option in order to put yourself first.

Where am I going with this, I don’t know but I’ve certainly made more than my share of mistakes, many in business, and many more personal to which I keep striving to make things right after those mistakes which only result in more mistakes. At one point it’s time to decide what to do about those mistakes, to stay the course or to pivot and change course. While I can’t suggest anything for you, me I am making a pivot, to change course, to ultimately stop feeling like a constant failure. 

This website of mine will be filled with life tips about any topic I experience in life in order to help you. These tips could be from personal finance (few people have a budget and very few can stick with one, instead track your spending if you can’t get into the budget rhythm) to how technology can help you improve your life.